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Different ways to search for a plumber in Singapore

Professional plumbers in Singapore are given their license via the National Water Agency. They conduct trainings and administer tests for applicants who want to become plumbers. They employ standards that would teach them the necessary skills and comply with what their future clients could possibly require of their services.

But, most people don’t know how to even begin to search for a plumber or a plumbing service provider. For some, contacting a plumber comes out of necessity which is brought about by a broken pipe, drainage problem, among others. To make it easier to find a plumber that can help you, it’s important to consider your priorities.

Quality services is first and foremost. You don’t want to hire a plumber in Singapore that can’t deliver the kind of service you need. A reputable plumbing service provider with licensed plumbers is a good place to start if you want assured quality.

Another way is to find the plumber by name which can be as simple as doing a name search. Names can be provided by a friend, family member, or a colleague because they have had a positive experience with this plumber. This is easier because you know you can trust the services that plumber can provide.

Plumbers can also be searched via postal code. This signifies their location and the area they can cover with their services. You might want to do this method if you’re looking for someone that can arrive quickly to your home or office space. By searching within your postal code, you can be assured that the plumber is located nearby.

Plumbing companies might have specialized services so you might want to know what kind of service you need. In general, there are residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing services where you must know what you need to find the right one for you.

SG1 plumber is a plumbing company that will surely appear in all your searches. They have trusted plumbers who have provided services to hundreds of clients which have recommended their services to other as well. They can provide services to any location in the city and they can deliver different kinds of services to their clients to match their needs.

What kind of water runs through Singapore?

Water is an essential resource in any urban area. Aside from being necessary for human existence, it is used in all sorts of everyday activities as well as the livelihood of many commercial areas within a city such as Singapore.

Singapore follows their own plumbing system in offices, homes, and buildings. Pipes and water fixtures are included in this system and they run through any structure. Many refer to this as the plumbing work when they want a plumber to build them a system.

Plumbers work on two kinds of system: water system and sanitary system. The water system is where clean water passes through and exits via the tap. Sanitary system is where dirty, used water gets disposed out of your structure.

Tap water in many areas in Singapore is safe for drinking. The National Water Agency controls the water supply in the city to make sure it’s clean and safe. Regular samples of the water flowing inside the system are collected for chemical analysis and bacterial analysis inside the laboratory of the NWA.

These strict tests are robust where the water is examined for quality. The standards followed by testers in the lab are based on scientific data and the guidelines identified by the World Health Organization for safe drinking water.

The water used in the city is precious which is why the government employs water pricing to put value on water being consumed. There is a mechanism behind the price of water to monetize the importance of this resource to the country.

They use metrics in cost of production, supply of water, and other costs incurred to get water from alternative sources which in Singapore include desalination and NEWater. Officers of NWA adjust the price when necessary.

All these factor in when you think about the water systems used in Singapore. Therefore, it’s important you think about it when you find a plumber that can help you. Whether you need an emergency plumbing fix or a scheduled service, you must find a plumber that’s accredited by the NWA and can perform quality services. He will not only help you ensure that your water system is functioning properly. He can also help reduce cost and make sure that you only consume safe water in your home, office or store.

How to locate a broken pipe?

Bursts or leaks often happen to water pipes whether it’s in a residential or commercial area. Some countries suffer broken pipes because of the cold temperature. But, Singapore residents find out their pipe is broken due to rust and corrosion on their pipes which makes it vulnerable to bursting when the water pressure rises.

It would be easier to see a broken pipe if it is exposed to the outside world. However, not all structures have exposed pipes especially in commercial lands or apartment buildings. Locating a burst pipe in this kind of structure can be difficult when you don’t know what to do.

Properties with large living spaces can have multiple pipes that run through the entire structure. It becomes important to know which pipes need repairing. Hiring a plumber in Singapore is a quick solution. But, you can also do it yourself.

One sure sign that you have broken pipe is when you check the water meter and you see the reading going fast despite having no faucets turned on. This can increase your water bill because the meter will charge you with a much larger water consumption than what you used for the month.

Water bill is also another sign that you might need to check your water pipes for possible leaks. It becomes particularly obvious when you see your water bill suddenly spike up from the usual amount you’ve been paying for the past months.

Water pressure is also another indicator. A broken pipe would lower the pressure in your home or building because there is a continuous release of water. If the pressure is unusually low, you might have a leaking pipe.

Once you notice any of these signs it is best that you turn of the water valve that controls the water coming in. This keeps the water from flowing out and leaking which stops the meter from running and you don’t waste any more water.

Experienced plumbers in SG1Plumber in Singapore can help you. They’re trained professionals who specialize in water leaks. The rates are very affordable as well and the quality work makes their service high in value for money.

Why look for a plumbing specialist?

Plumbing specialists can be hard to find especially when you don’t know how to scrutinize their credentials to which get you quality service. There are many times that a client doesn’t know what makes a good plumber or not which is why we are here to try to help you sort these kinds of things out.

One way to determine if the plumber you are talking to is a specialist is by looking at their experience in the industry. A good amount of experience, like say decades, would be a good sign that they have the requisite experience and they’re a reputable company.

Next is you should look at the kinds of services they offer. House plumbing is one common service that a plumbing specialist must be able to deliver. The plumbing works at your home should follow the standards system with good products don by a professional plumber.

Commercial plumbing is another common service and these handle offices, shops, stores, and other structures that are in busy areas. This is not limited to plumbing works. You can ask your plumber to help your business or workspace to conserve water to cut down costs. These usually come with an advanced quote to see whether the service fits the need of the company.

Another important service is the emergency plumbing which can happen to anyone. Your plumbing specialist must be able to quickly arrive to your location and help you fix the problem right away. The fast response is crucial since in emergency situations the longer it gets fixed the larger the costs.

SG1Plumber has a team of specialist plumbers that can perform all these services for you. You don’t have to worry about not having someone to fix your plumbing issues. They perform their job efficiently, so you don’t need to wait long to have your plumbing problems fixed.

With a decade of experience under their belt, SG1Plumber have a fluid system to deliver their services and they have some of the lowest rates in the city which makes them even more attractive to clients. You can go to to find out more.

Getting a reliable plumbing service in Singapore

Plumbing services in Singapore are available in the phonebook, have physical shops, and some now have a website. They do their work that relates to fixing water pipes, installing water system apparatus and other accessories. You can find this plumbing work affects water supply, drainage, and even water temperature control.

A professional plumber will make sure that your water system always produces water based on the standards set by the National Water Agency of Singapore. They also build an efficient drainage system so that dirty/waste water will be properly discharged and don’t leak to any other part of your home.

Plumbers who are highly-skilled and have extensive experience can be hard to find. Good thing you have plumbing specialist from that can deliver quality service and you can find them online either through your phone or computer.

Training is crucial for plumbers which is all our plumbers have undergone hours and hours of training to ensure that they have the requisite skills to meet our customer needs. Along with these skills, our plumbers have a wide range and lengthy experience in the industry which means they have experienced all sorts of problems and have found solutions to fix them making it easier for them to address whatever problem your plumbing may have.

We don’t recommend going DIY with your plumbing because there are problems that need professional hands to fix it properly. Going DIY might do irreparable damage that might cost you even more money when it bogs down because of bad workmanship.

You need not risk it because SG1Plumber’s professional plumbers will reduce that risk since they have the necessary tools and equipment to fix any major problem including water heater installation, roof leaking repair and waterproofing. We help clients save money and time with their plumbing work.

Our services are very affordable as well which means you don’t need to break the bank even though your pipe system needs major work. The quality of service isn’t compromised, and you can only wait for your plumbers to finish their work.

You can discuss your problems with us via the SG1Plumber hotline +65-9061-0797. You can also visit them through their website at or go to their main office in Singapore at 8 Burn Road, #15-13, Singapore.

What are the most common plumbing issues for businesses?

Every business needs to have a bathroom. These sorts of rooms are for the customer and employees to use. And usually, since bathrooms at businesses are used a lot, there could also be a lot of issues with them. Broken faucets, leaky toilets and other kinds of problems are very common in most public bathrooms.

Plumbing issues in your business establishment can be very costly. They can increase the amount that you have got to pay for your water bill. Plus, it would also not be good for business if your customers do not find your bathrooms to be well-maintained. There is also the issue of convenience, as plumbing problems will make your employees unhappy. So you may want to get these following common plumbing problems fixed as soon as you can.

  1. Leaky faucet

A leaky faucet happens when the tap of the sink is switched off, but water still flows out. This is very common in almost every public restroom. And it can be a huge waste of water if you do not get a leaky faucet fixed. Fortunately, a leaking faucet is easily repaired by a plumber.

  1. Running or broken toilet

A running toilet is usually a big waste of water as well. Other kinds of common problems that can happen to toilets can include one that does not flush. You should always hire a plumber to come and fix your broken toilet if you have got some kind of public restroom in your business establishment.

  1. No water pressure

Low-water pressure can cause your tap not to run any water at all. This sort of problem can be caused by a huge range of issues such as leaking pipes. So you may need to hire a professional plumber to get this problem sorted out.

  1. Broken water heater

If you run a hotel or some lodging business, then you need to have hot water for your guests. And if you have got a broken water heater, which is a really common issue, then your guests will complain a lot. You must always have a broken water heater fixed as soon as possible.

  1. Clogged Drains

A clogged drain can be caused by hair, food or other kinds of debris getting stuck in the drain. A clogged drain can be a stinky problem. And it would be better for business if you had this sort of issue taken care of as quickly as you can.

Get the Right Plumber in Singapore

All of these problems are frequently encountered by almost every business. If you ever see this sort of issue in your bathroom or kitchen at your business establishment, then there is an easy fix to these sorts of problems. You may need to hire a Singapore’s professional plumber or plumbing services to help you out. If you hire a trained plumber to come to your business establishment, they would be able to take care of these common problems. And they would also be able to ensure that these plumbing issues do not happen to get worse over time as well.

Singapore and its Growing Demand for Plumbing Services

Singapore is one of Asia’s developing countries with a rich population and stable economic growth. As the country experiences growth several needs and services also increase in the household among of these are plumbing services. Plumbing services in Singapore are increasing along with its growing population. Singapore plumbing services have two types which are water service plumbing work and sanitary plumbing work. Water service plumbing work are services referring to the installation of the new water system including; installation of pipes, tanks, and taps, as well doing repairs and replacements to the needed plumbing part or equipment. Sanitary plumbing work is services referring to the processing of used water which includes; installing discharged pipes and appliance, as well as changing or relocating these pipes.

Water service plumbing works are services commonly needed for new buildings for housing. Properties would need to have plumbing services done to take care of its water system. Water service plumbing workers do their job in installing the needed parts for the new water system. This includes installing water pipes, tanks and taps throughout the property as part of the water system. Aside from this, providing services in water heater installation, water proofing, toilet repair services and roofing repair also include the water service plumbing works. Sanitary plumbing work, on the other hand, works hand in hand with the water service plumbing works as providing services relating to the discharge of used water. This includes water coming from kitchen drains, showers drain, toilets, etc. This plumbing service is in charge of installing, changing and relocating pipes and appliances that relate to the usage of water.

Both types of plumbing services are offered all throughout Singapore and are regulated by the Public Utilities Board (PUB). All water service plumbing works provider are needed to comply it’s by rules in providing their services, and they are required by them to have the necessary license in doing their job. Failure to have a permit is considered illegal and punishable by the law. Many available plumbing services are available to cater to Singapore’s growing plumbing demands. In choosing a plumbing service, it is important for people in Singapore to note about their certification with PUB along with other factors as well.

Several factors to consider when finding a good plumbing service in Singapore are as follows;

  1.  Licensed with PUB
  2. Good reputation
  3. Offer 24/7 plumbing services
  4. Offers a fair and good price
  5. Offers a warranty.

As mentioned the PUB regulates plumbers in Singapore and makes sure to the public that only trained and professional plumbers a reworking with them. The plumbing service should also have a good reputation from satisfied customers and offer 24/7 services in case of plumbing emergencies. A fair and good price should be negotiable, and a warranty on the services is an ideal service when getting a plumber. It is essential to consider these factors when choosing plumbing services in Singapore. It is important to get only the best quality of plumbing services for one’s plumbing needs.

You Can Prevent Plumbing Problems – Here Are Some Tips How To Do Avoid It

Keep always in mind: Regular inspections and regular maintenance will keep plumbing problems away.
Central to a home that is free from plumbing problems is the commitment to take care of your home the way you take of your body.

Usually, the approach to solve plumbing issues is to look for plumbing-related factors. But this is wrong because there are things you do daily that affect the plumbing system of your home. Learning the best practices of waste management is the key to a healthy home plumbing system.

Little did you know that special occasions like Thanksgiving and Black Friday celebrations can cause havoc to the plumbing system of your home when extra care is not considered. Think of the volume of food leftovers and fruits or vegetable refuse. How about the turkey or chicken meat you cook? All of these can cause a headache for you when these things end up in your drainage system.

Here are some of the things you must consider to keep you the plumbing problems away:

1. The Drain Is Not A Garbage Bin

Do not throw anything into the sink that might compromise the drainage system.

2. Be Mindful On What You Throw

We are living in a throw-away culture. Be mindful, however, what you throw in the garbage disposal. You cannot just throw everything in. Chicken bones and other meat leftovers, rotten fruits, and vegetable refuse must be thrown away like garbage.

3. Keep Off The Grease

Draining used cooking oil to your sink is a no-no. These might cause problems in the drain system as it accumulates in the pipe walls.

4. Run The Water As You Dispose Of

Simultaneously, keep the water running as you dispose of. And keep the water running for a few more seconds after the disposal to completely keep the passageway free of possible obstructions.

5. Don’t Use Problematic Dishwasher

Do away with malfunctioning dishwasher. Problematic dishwashers usually do not dispose the wastes properly, and it might cause trouble with your plumbing later on.

This is somewhat thinking out of the box. Where the old school of solving the plumbing issues goes for head-on, fix-it approach, the strategic approach requires intentional home care to prevent the problem to arise later. You must include in the daily home routine the proper waste segregation and management. The 3Rs are a great tool to achieve this goal: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Written reminders to keep everything in place will serve as an educational tool on the basics of home care and management. It might help to have some stick-it in visible areas where everybody will notice. Sort and classify, clean and dispose of, and encourage everyone in the household to make it a way of life for your family can be beneficial and fun.

There are things, however, that need to be approached the old way. Then fix it. If necessary, call a plumber to help you solve your plumbing problems.

DIY Solutions To The Recurring Plumbing Issues

There is wisdom behind in the saying, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” This is so when it comes to home management. All homeowners consider their homes as an investment. As in all other investment, it will only grow when proper maintenance and regular improvement when necessary. This is most urgent when it comes to proper maintenance of the plumbing system to prevent plumbing issues from recurring that might compromise the whole systems of a home.

Nothing could be more necessary than knowing the fundamentals how to maintain the plumbing system of your home properly. The following are some of the few basic things every homeowner must keep in mind when confronted with persistent plumbing issues:

1. Know Where To Shut Off The Supply Of Cold Water

Water supply can be shut off in a part where the problem is recurring. Don’t turn off the water to the whole house if it is not necessary. Water is as precious as gold when it comes to home management and care.

Turn off the supply of cold water in areas where there are ongoing plumbing works. To do this, look for a valve around the affected fixture. If there is a need to shut off the water to the whole house, then go to the primary valve. But when you cannot find the shut-off valve, use the shut-off valve installed in your water meter.

To save yourself from the hassles of finding these valves when the situation calls for it, have it marked with labels.

2. Stop That Hot Water Heater

A leak in the shower is the most common problems encountered by homeowners. It is best to remind you never to underestimate what the leak in the water heater can do.

In homes where there is a gas water heater, turn it off by putting the control knob to “pilot.” To turn off an electric water heater is easier: just flip the breaker.

Once the water heater is turned, drain the tank where hot water is stored. Let the hot water flow while shutting the supply of cold water. Check if the tank is drained completely.

3. Some Common Plumbing Issues And Suggested Do-It-Yourself Solutions

The Running Water In Your Toilet. Go for the flapper and replace it when it is no longer functioning.

The Sink Water Is Backing Up. Most common cause: clog in the drain. Use a plunger to unclog it. But if this does not work, chances are the clog is in the U-shaped pipe called trap. Simply remove the trap and check for obstruction. Warning: Never use chemicals to unclog your sink. It may cause permanent damage to the pipes. It is unwise to blow the whole house because you are looking for a rat.

The Leaking Pipes. Tighten the fitting that connects the pipes. But if the issue persists call a specialist to do the work.

The Shower Head Is Clogged. The water minerals such as lime or calcium have accumulated in the shower head. Remove the head and clean it.

The Faucet Is Dripping. Replace the worn out rubber washer.

There are plumbing issues in the home where a homeowner can take the matter personally without the help of a plumbing specialist. Remember. However, some issues require professional help. The rule of thumb is to know when to hire the services of a specialist when plumbing issues kept on recurring.

6 Main Reasons You Need Emergency Plumbing Services

Situations that need extra attention and expert opinion are on the rise nowadays. As humans, being unique and having our expertise. We always have a certain category or something in life that we’re good at or at least more knowledgeable as compared with others. Emergency situations are the ones that need the utmost attention of experts for that certain emergency, and the very one emergency situation that almost all of us experience in our lifetime is the emergency of plumbing in our homes.

Often, we like to fix or figure out our plumbing problems at home by ourselves, but there are just certain times which we need to call on plumber Singapore expert. Here are six the five most important reasons why you need these services:

1. It saves you the hassle

The feeling of being independent and wanting to handle things our way can give us a sense of pride. However, let us accept the fact that in certain situations, we need help. Some may discriminate other people’s knowledge and jobs, but without them, you may not be able to live your life with one less hassle. Plumbers, especially expert ones are certainly more knowledgeable than you when it comes to plumbing problems, come on, it’s what they do, what do you expect? When you have been trying to fix your problems but all else fails, try calling their services. This is already an emergency situation, save yourself the hassle. Don’t mind the cost, mind the benefit.

2. Stop the Drips

Every big problem starts with the small ones, and the simple dripping your faucets can lead to greater problems with your water service as also your roofing. With all those dripping and maybe leaks, you may want to try and check it on yourself, but sometimes it only leads to speeding up the bigger problem. For roof leaking issue, it is better to contact a roofing repair expert. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure right?

3. No to Unwanted Pools

Some, maybe almost all people want to have a pool in their home, or if not, they just have a series of water-related decorations like fountains. But imagine coming home or waking up one day having an instant pool inside your house? You might want to check the pipes and all, and you may want the expert plumber to do this wet job if you want it to be done quickly and efficiently.

4. Clogged Toilets

One of the most irritating plumbing problems we can face is when we can’t flush our toilets because of clogging in the pipes. This is based on personal experience, and sometimes it can’t be fixed with a simple Sosa, expert toilet repair services should be the one to call.

5. Gas Smell

One of the most pressing and urgent emergencies you may want to consider is when you smell gas leaks all over your house. This is not at all safe, call for help then do not stay inside the house and evacuate if the problem’s not solved yet.

6. Water Heater Repair/Installation

The last common service is water heater repair and installation. These often need someone who knows how to set up and repair properly and follow the strict guidelines define by PUB Singapore. Never do it your self as it is very risky and may cause the unwanted accident to yourself.

These conclude the most common reason when you need a professional plumber.