Getting a reliable plumbing service in Singapore

Plumbing services in Singapore are available in the phonebook, have physical shops, and some now have a website. They do their work that relates to fixing water pipes, installing water system apparatus and other accessories. You can find this plumbing work affects water supply, drainage, and even water temperature control.

A professional plumber will make sure that your water system always produces water based on the standards set by the National Water Agency of Singapore. They also build an efficient drainage system so that dirty/waste water will be properly discharged and don’t leak to any other part of your home.

Plumbers who are highly-skilled and have extensive experience can be hard to find. Good thing you have plumbing specialist from that can deliver quality service and you can find them online either through your phone or computer.

Training is crucial for plumbers which is all our plumbers have undergone hours and hours of training to ensure that they have the requisite skills to meet our customer needs. Along with these skills, our plumbers have a wide range and lengthy experience in the industry which means they have experienced all sorts of problems and have found solutions to fix them making it easier for them to address whatever problem your plumbing may have.

We don’t recommend going DIY with your plumbing because there are problems that need professional hands to fix it properly. Going DIY might do irreparable damage that might cost you even more money when it bogs down because of bad workmanship.

You need not risk it because SG1Plumber’s professional plumbers will reduce that risk since they have the necessary tools and equipment to fix any major problem including water heater installation, roof leaking repair and waterproofing. We help clients save money and time with their plumbing work.

Our services are very affordable as well which means you don’t need to break the bank even though your pipe system needs major work. The quality of service isn’t compromised, and you can only wait for your plumbers to finish their work.

You can discuss your problems with us via the SG1Plumber hotline +65-9061-0797. You can also visit them through their website at or go to their main office in Singapore at 8 Burn Road, #15-13, Singapore.

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