An Overview Of The National Gallery Singapore

If you will be in Singapore soon, or if you currently live there, you may want to consider stopping by the National Gallery Singapore. This is located close to Singapore River, within the Downtown Core which is not too far from our office. This has only recently opened, starting back in November 2015. It has southeast Asian art, forming the largest public collection of artwork in Asia. There are over 8000 different items that are on display. You can see many of these items on your first visit. Here is an overview of what you can do which will include tours, exploring the different areas where they have art, a place that your children will definitely enjoy.

The History Of National Gallery Singapore

The development of this location has gone through many stages. He was initially supposed to be a global city that would specifically show artwork. It took many decades to finally come up with a final plan of action. This led to its development at its current location. Built in the previous City Hall building,
it has now been revamped into an exquisite place where people can learn about Asian art from Singapore.

What Type Of Art Is There?

The artwork that is available will include many different styles including sculptures, paintings, and drawings. Some of them are sketched in black-and-white, whereas others will be a mixture of very bright 10 definitive colors. They also have exhibitions that can change from time to time. They will have a list of what is currently showing on their website. You can see our work that was created back in the 19 century, and from many different eras.

What Can Kids Do While They Are There?

Kids are going to have a great time because there are specific areas that are designed just for them. They have a section called stories and art, one that is open every other weekend. There is also another section called Art Explorers, a place where kids can start to gain some perspective on how art is created. You can also do workshops with your kids, and also see the Keppel Centre for Art Education.

Why Should Schools Visit This Location?

School should consider visiting this location because it provides students with many different aspects of creative and visual art. There are tours, each lasting about one hour. Kids are able to learn about art research, discuss visual observations, and interpretation of different skills used to create the artwork that is presented. There are also studio workshops, and many other activities that are recommended for kids of all ages.

The National Gallery Singapore is a location that you should visit. It’s a wonderful place for adults and kids. Whether you are bringing your family, children, or if you are bringing students to this destination, everyone will be exposed to some of the best artwork in Asia. You can call to find out what new exhibits are now the on display and plan a field trip. There is always something to discover and learn at this wonderful location called the National Gallery Singapore.

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