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Our services cover all kinds of plumbing problems. We can fix any issue with our client’s water system or drainage system. These services can be availed through our SG1plumber.com website. The plumbing contract will include the scheduled visit and repair work that will be done. Here are our service descriptions in detail.


How much is plumbing service in this location? 💵

It depends on the actual work. There will be $50 checking & troubleshooting fee. Check out more our rate at: https://sg1plumber.com/rates/

How much does it cost to repair a leaking pipe?

About 50 - 150 dollars depending on the actual works

Why choose SG1 Plumber? 👍

We provide time-sensitive emergency services at a reasonable price. You can also be sure that our plumbers are licensed experts with years of experience under our belt.

How much does it cost to clear a clog?

The price usually starts at 80 dollars.

Our Popular Services Areas



We perform installation services for water pipes and plumbing fixtures for homes and buildings around the Singapore area. Our professional plumbers will be able to map out an entire plan for the water and drainage for efficient flow and release of water around the structure.

 Water heaters can also be installed by our team of plumbers. Clients will receive a recommendation on the type and size of the water heater from our team. The water heater installation shall be seamless to connect the heater as part of the entire water system.

Repair and Replacement

Repair and replacement jobs are one of our specialties. Broken plumbing fixtures and pipes can be replaced with newer pipes from our large supply of plumbing parts in our storage. This will ensure your water system won’t suffer from any damage leaks within your water or drainage system.

Bathrooms and sinks can also get broken and need repairs. Our plumbers will diagnose the problem and decide whether the damage parts can be fixed with a quality repair or need a full replacement. We have an array of replacement parts from taps, traps, hoses, sinks, urinals, and other toilet parts.

With our professional plumbers, we can also perform a full re-piping for an entire home or building. This is perfect for old houses in Singapore who have outdated plumbing. We can replace older pipes and fixtures with new ones that have more modern technology.

Clearing Services

Our professional plumbers can also perform clearing of choked up pipes, hoses, manual hoses, and other flow points of your drainage system. Tools are used to clear up specific pipes or hoses that are clogged by manually removing and cleaning them.

This service may also include the use of chemicals to clean up the whole pipe network of clogging. Rest assured that our professional plumbers will perform this job within the necessary standards and safety guidelines set by the plumbing authorities in Singapore.

Leaking pipes? Smelly drainage?

Just tell us your location in Singapore and we will send an expert plumber right away!