The Most Common Type Of Toilet Repair Services

One of the most important items in the home is the toilet. When people really think about it, they could live without a toilet but it would be uncomfortable. Taking this into account, it is recommended that a person care for their toilet and keep it well-maintained. Toilets don’t often require maintenance, only a cleaning, but there are times when you will need to contact a plumber or take on the task yourself. This article will provide information on the most common types of toilet repair services.

1. Blocked Or Clogged

Arguably the most commonplace of all toilet repair issues is blocks or clogs. Toilets can become blocked for various reasons; for example, your child may have flushed a McDonalds Happy Meal toy down the toilet or placed their new kitten in the bowl for “a bath”. Whatever the reason, toilets can become clogged and this can lead to the toilet overflowing. It is relatively easy to fix the problem by using a plunger and some drain cleaner, but if the clog is severe you may need to contact a professional plumber.

2. Flushing Turns Shower Water Cold

In one of the many romantic comedies starring Hugh Grant, there is a scene where he flushes the toilet to turn his brother’s shower water cold. It is a hilarious clip with the brother shouting from shock, but this is not always the case in modern homes. Older houses, however, do still present with this problem where pipes are not conducive to people taking hot showers and flushing toilets simultaneously. So, what? The fact is this is a problem that can be resolved by reducing how quickly the toilet uses water. If a toilet takes longer to fill, there is less chance of temperature change in the shower water.

3. The Overflowing Toilet

Consider the situation: you have tried to flush the toilet too many times and water is spilling over the bowl. In some cases, this is due to a person flushing too quickly and too many times when it’s too cold outside. It may also be due to a clog which can be resolved using a plunger. However, if the overflow is due to a mechanical problem, it may be best to contact a plumber.

4. Gathering Water

If water is gathering around the toilet on the floor, it is important that the problem is fixed immediately. The immediate nature is to avoid any moisture seeping through to the structure’s subfloor and causing potential mold. One method of avoiding gathering water is by toilet maintenance and checking the tightness of the tank bolts, mounting nut, supply tube, and wax ring. If the seal around the ring is worn or cracked, this could be the cause and should be replaced.

5. The Handle Won’t Move

If the toilet handle will not move, it is recommended that you remove the tank cover and clean the mounting nut – the nut is located inside the tank and behind the handle. The nut operates the handle smoother and over time lime can accumulate around the item. This is why regular maintenance should be done on a toilet to avoid any damage to essential elements. If the nut is not the problem, then you should contact a professional Singapore plumber for further assistance.

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