Three Heater Brands

With so many heater brands coming out of the market these days, it is getting more difficult to choose the best brand that can truly live up to your usage. In Singapore, a lot of new names are being introduced in the heater market and while most of them have promising specs, there are also those that still need to be tested against the already established brands. Certain countries are more popular for being makers of water heaters, and it is highly recommended for these brands.

To make sure you get a reliable water heater for your house or office, it’s best to stick to the brands that have already been tested by time and usage. Here are our top picks of water heater brands from our water heater installation and repair experience that are available here in Singapore:

  • Rheem

When it comes to industry standards for water heating technology, Rheem is definitely the number one name to trust. The brand has been existing since the 1920s, which proves the length of their experience in water heater design. The company was found in California, USA, but eventually expanded some of their operations overseas. To date, Rheem already has a manufacturing company here in Singapore, which further assures you of the quality of their products. Rheem is almost safety and economy, so they are perfect for homes and customer-based businesses or establishments.

  • Ariston

This Italian brand is a popular name worldwide. They have been used in various luxury properties and top-rated hotels. Ever since it was introduced in Singapore, it has also been one of the most recognizable brands for a comfortable shower experience. Ariston water heaters are popularly known for their sleek designs, which are best for almost any kind of space. They are also known for their instant heating technology, while retaining constant and safe temperature.

  • Joven

Here’s another favorite on the list, which is a brand from our neighboring country Malaysia. Despite being a relatively new player in the water heater industry, Joven was able to easily emerge as one of the most trusted names in water heating technology internationally. Their designs are conventional and packed with dependable features including constant temperature and water pressure. This assures users or owners of a good shower experience. Almost all of their models come with a triple safety system consistent with their promise of secured installation and usage.

When people decide on installing heaters for their showers, the specs of the water heater is usually one of the most common questions that we get, and we always constantly emphasize the safety of the make. This is why we ranked these three as the best not just because of their popularity but also because of their reputation in providing a safe and comfortable shower experience.

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