Water Leak Nets Condominium Management $2000 Fine

One of Singapore’s premier condominium units, Nicon Gardens, had just been issued a $2000 fine for not complying with the request of the PUB to do repairs on their water pipes which had reportedly been leaking water from June 29 to July 2, 2018. PUB estimates the water lost was four times larger than the water volume requirement of the entire condominium complex in a month.

Reports from residents of and near the condominium had been sent to the PUB prompting them to dispatch their officers to the site of the problem. During their investigation, the team found a service pipe leak in the Nicon Gardens compound.

The pipe was located underground, which the officers had informed the Nicon Gardens management after their investigation was done. This was reportedly for immediate action by the management team complete with additional information on recommended licensed plumbers by the agency.

Regular visits were conducted by the PUB team to the site to inspect and remind the management to do the repairs. In addition, the residents of the building had also made follow-up inquiries to the management office regarding the issue. However, Nicon’s management still took no action.

According to the PUB team, three notices were forwarded to the Nicon Gardens management from June 29 to July 2, 2018. After the third notice was served on July 2, service pipe repairs were carried out by the plumber hired by the company to fix the problem.

Nicon Gardens non-compliance to the PUB notices were charged as an offence. Hence, the fine of $2,000 as a composition fine. According to the PUB, owners are responsible for maintaining their premises including the water service installations.

According to the Director of the Water Supply Department of the PUB, Ridzuan Ismail, “The supply of good, clean water in Singapore must never be taken for granted. Nicon Gardens’ failure to act quickly in this instance has led to a large amount of water wastage.” he said.

Singapore tries to keep water waste to a minimum because it is a scarce resource in the country. Mr. Ismail also added, “Water is a precious resource in Singapore, and everybody must do his part to conserve it.”. According to the PUB, the four-day delay in the repairs resulted in a water loss equivalent to four months of water use of the establishment.

Leaks should undergo repair service immediately to avoid water waste and water supply disruption. PUB will act on parties responsible for not complying with their requirements regarding water leaks and damage in private properties.

The act supporting this action is under the Public Utilities Regulations in section 15, which treats inaction on a PUB notice for repair as an offence. Since it was the first offence of Nicon Gardens, a fine of $2,000 was slapped on the responsible party.

Under the law, a maximum penalty of $10,000 can be a charge to repeat offenders or imprisonment not exceeding one (1) year. The PUB hotline: 1800-CALL-PUB (1800-2255-782) is open to the public to report any water leaks.

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