The Wonderful Sanctuary Of Jurong Bird Park

Singapore’s beautiful ecosystem consists of nature’s best breeds of birds. You will see various species that most of the people in the country are preserving its wildlife and habitat. One of the visited bird parks in the country is known as the Jurong Bird Park. According to its latest updates, a new species had been adopted which includes the Spix’s Macaw which is now endangered. These types of species do only have 150 of birds alive today. Here some sharing from SG1 Plumber.

Raising the Wildlife Awareness

There are instances wherein birds that are near extinction are on display in the park to provide information and awareness to the people. This is one way to help save the birds that are slowly swept away by Mankind’s greediness. Recently, there have been two birds that were saved and are as well kept company by other Spix Macaw birds.

Jurong Bird Park

This is a bird’s sanctuary, and it is also one of the tourist spots known in Singapore. This is greatly managed by the Singaporean Wildlife Reserves to ensure that the birds are kept safe and secured. The idea was formulated by Dr. Goh Keng Swee together with the Minister of France in the year 1968. The idea was mainly gathered at a zoology garden in Rio de Janeiro and had thought about setting a place for Singaporeans to have an escape from the urban way of life in a place that is in the form of nature to relax.

In these present times, the Jurong Bird Park is said to be the world’s famous bird zoo park. It has kept species of different kinds which will surely make you in awe by the time you’re going to travel to Singapore and visit the bird park. On January 1971, the bird park construction cost $3.5million and was later on opened to the general public. Imagine, there are 5,000 birds present in the bird park with 400 different species and 29% of which are threatened bird species.

Aviary Exhibits

The Jurong Park covers an area of about 49 acres 0.2 square kilometers. So, this means, there are specifications of birds that are clustered and exhibited. You will see the different areas of aviary exhibits. Here are the following.

Waterfall African Aviary- this is the second major walk-in aviary that is found in the world. It covers 2 hectares that include 600 flying birds of more than 40 to 50 species.

The Dinosaur descendants- fascinating as it would be but you will see these types of birds that look like a dinosaur’s evolution such as the ostrich, rheas, emus, and cassowaries.

The Wings of Asia- these comprise of the largest collections of Southeast Asian birds that have over 200 species found.

World of Darkness- this features the world’s nocturnal birds such as the snowy owls, fish owls, night herons and boobook owls.

Special Events

There are as well events that you can encounter while you are in the Jurong Bird Park such as the high flyers show and lunch with the parrots.

If you’re planning to learn more about the different thousands of species, having to visit the park can’t be missed out in getting to know another family of birds that you have never thought would exist in the world.

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