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    Welcome. SG1 Plumber Singapore provides the best plumbing services in Singapore. Our team is fully licensed and insured with years of plumbing  experience under their belt.

    SG1 Plumber Singapore started out providing plumbing services to homeowners locally but has now grown into being one of the top HDB plumbers in Singapore. 

    We offer a quality workmanship at affordable rates that is unmatched thanks to our advanced tools and fast, reliable repair methods.

    Quick Facts

    • SG1 Plumber Singapore founded in 2015
    • Our lead plumber has more than 11 years of plumbing services experience.
    • Last month, we have done 120 plumbing jobs to solve numerous customers' plumbing issues in Singapore.
    • 100% fix all your plumbing, toilet bowl & kitchen sink  problem
    • Guarantee follow up services within 7 days
    • Guarantee 30 days workmanship warranty
    • Offer same day or next day urgent services

    Our Popular Plumbing Services in Singapore

    Plumbing Chokes and Repair

    stainless steel sink clogged

    Clogs are most common in toilet bowl, kitchen sink, bathtub, floor traps and shower drains. When your toilet bowl is clogged, your first instinct is likely to grab a plunger and free the clog yourself. This may work in some cases, but often you will need a drainage pipe repair from a certified Singapore plumber.

    Plumbing and Water Pipe Leak Repair

    Leaking Pipes

    Although we commonly see sink pipe and PVC pipe leaks, a concealed water pipe leak can cause a big plumbing problem as it is not readily accessible to our technicians. However, it is best to leave it to our expert plumbers to handle the plumbing needs instead of trying to repair the pipe leaks  problem yourself. 

    Installation and Replacement

    plumber replace water pipe

    We specialize in plumbing installation and repair, including toilet bowl installation and repair, water heater installation and repair, shower head or faucet installation and repair, and many other related plumbing services.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our team holds itself to high standards and uses the most current tools and equipment available to provide the best plumbing experience. We are one of the best plumber Singapore companies that service a variety of different living situations such as condos, HDB flats, landed, and commercial offices in Singapore.

    Our reliable plumber are expert, licensed professionals from PUB (1) that has years of experience in our belt. We also active in Plumbing Society (2). 

    We understand that plumbing issues are time sensitive, so our emergency plumber will arrive at the area at the precise date as scheduled.

    Our services can be obtained for a reasonable pricing with no hidden or unnecessary cost. Find out our price range here.

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    Janice Yeoh
    Janice Yeoh
    00:14 04 Nov 18
    Contacted them to help to flush my sink and repair toilet bowl. Jackie is friendly and fixed all the issue within hours.
    Roy Ku
    Roy Ku
    11:32 05 Aug 19
    We came back from summer holidays and found our toilet running continuously. I called up SG! Plumber for the toilet repair and requested a licensed plumber for service. The guy arrived in less than half an hour and diagnosed a crack valve seal on flapper. He replaced it in no time and saved us from the fuss. I am really impressed by their quick problem-solving skills and great customer service. Highly recommended!!read more
    Kenny Chan
    Kenny Chan
    05:20 20 Jul 19
    There are certain house problems that certainly shouldn’t be done without professional help, and I learned this the hard way with our shower system! Glad SG1 Plumbers were still able to save it for more
    Jacob Vu
    Jacob Vu
    07:57 29 Jul 19
    They really took the time to hear me out with what I thought was wrong with our pipes. It started out as a complicated DIY process for me until I gave up and decided to call a professional plumber instead. They are really patient with their clients, but deliver great, friendly more
    Rissa Lu
    Rissa Lu
    08:16 22 Jul 19
    Value for money, and truly reliable team of plumbers for residential.
    Damien Koh
    Damien Koh
    05:36 18 Jul 19
    Cool guys! Really professional and skilled.
    Joshua Chua
    Joshua Chua
    09:22 14 Jul 19
    My plumber was so patient, because our location was quite confusing, but he still arrived with a smile and did the work really fast. No more chokes on our toilet for months nowread more
    Alex Koh
    Alex Koh
    11:23 30 Jun 19
    Always so easy to deal with. Their plumbers are also really experienced and versatile so you can trust them with a lot of tasks from the sewage to simple more
    Lina Yong
    Lina Yong
    06:39 18 Jun 19
    Been trying to DIY my sink problem for months, til recently gave up and contacted one of the guys from SG1 Plumber. So happy that I did, they did the job so quickly and more
    Patrick yu
    Patrick yu
    07:13 16 Jun 19
    Satisfied with the professional work! 5 stars or more if I can.
    Chan Mun Yee
    Chan Mun Yee
    13:00 20 Feb 19
    The service we got was great and were able to finish the job before the day ended. I'm happy with our new pipes and I think this would last us years because the work they do it quality along with the materials they more
    Nurul Ain
    Nurul Ain
    07:18 12 Feb 19
    The service we got was great and were able to finish the job before the day ended. I'm happy with our new pipes and I think this would last us years because the work they do it quality along with the materials they more
    Yong Jia Wei
    Yong Jia Wei
    05:23 12 Feb 19
    We needed quick plumbing service and SG1Plumber was able to deliver. I highly recommend their professional plumbers to tinker with your plumbing right more
    Stephaine Har
    Stephaine Har
    02:21 29 Jan 19
    Had no problem purchasing the parts that we needed to fix our plumbing. The plumbers from SG1 had the parts which made the repairs finish more
    glivia lai
    glivia lai
    10:57 04 Jan 19
    My parents house had been suffering from bad plumbing for a long time now. We hire plumbers in the past but none of them really ever fixed the problem. I gave up and thought that this is just a problem for a house that's been operating for so long. But, with SG1 Plumber we know that it wasn't our problem but it was actually picking the right plumber to fix your pipes. We found them on the web and told them about the problem with our leaking pipes. Me and my wife were apprehensive at first because we never knew that there was an online plumber. We quickly found out that they were professional and expert plumbers working for them. Ever since they worked on our pipes, it's been functioning smoothly again. I'm going to call them again if we experience another more
    Beerow Yin
    Beerow Yin
    14:48 03 Jan 19
    Online booking with excellent customer service. I'm happy with this company.
    Julie Lee
    Julie Lee
    00:32 01 May 18
    Response fast and reasonable price... will recommend to more friends.
    Low YH
    Low YH
    13:57 10 Jan 19
    SG1Plumber answered our call for a quick service. They fixed the problem quickly too. We will recommend this company to our friends for sure!read more
    Irza Dutamas
    Irza Dutamas
    13:56 24 Nov 19
    They really took the time to hear me out with what I thought was wrong with our pipes. It started out as a complicated DIY process for me until I gave up and decided to call a professional plumber instead. They are really patient with their clients, but deliver great, friendly more
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    Our Professional Plumbing Works in Singapore

    Our Coverage Areas


    SG1 Plumber Singapore has worked with customers in condominiums for years. That's why our team has the expertise to service all the plumbing problems that commonly occur in Singapore condominiums. 

    HDB Flats - Plumber Singapore

    We also have technicians that are trained to service HDB plumbing and have done numerous plumbing jobs. Our HDB plumbers have the on-field experience to diagnose and repair your plumbing issue and replacement of plumbing fittings as fast as possible. 

    Commercial & Industry Building

    We highly value our commercial customers in Singapore as well and understand the importance of our plumbing repair services to your company. Time is money, and a emergency plumbing service can cause your commercial business or industry to be out of service for days or even weeks at a time. SG1 Plumber Singapore is the answer to your commercial plumbing needs in Singapore. Let's us manage your plumbing work today at cheap prices!

    leaking basin

    Our Range of Plumbing Services

    Leakage issue & detection

    • Leakage issue & detection is one of the most vital services we offer in Singapore. In many cases, a leak in your residence will be on concealed pipes. This means that there will have to be digging or excavating to reach and repair your damaged concealed pipes. We also fix copper pipe leak.

    Re-piping Work

    • We also handle re-piping work. Re-piping is necessary for most old houses or residences with rust damage and multiple cracked or leaky water pipes. When re-piping your home, some or all the plumbing pipes throughout your house will be replaced to prevent leaks and corrosion.

    Water tap/bottle trap/faucet replacement

    • This is another vital plumbing jobs we offer in Singapore. Whether your tap/bottle trap/faucet is leaking or clogged, our team provides the most reliable plumbing services. Our technicians will diagnose the water leakage problem with your water taps, copper pipe, bathroom tap or faucets and repair or replace the unit/pipe.

    Shower System Installation

    • This type of work can be a large project depending on the unit and size of the system. Once a plumber on our team assesses the project, they will give you a quote on the spot and complete the installation at a time of your choosing.

    Kitchen Sink Installation

    • This is one of our most popular services for our Singapore customers. If you have an existing kitchen sink already installed, we will carefully remove the old kitchen sink and start the installation of the new sink. If you'd rather not replace your old sink, SG1 Plumber Singapore can provide any repairs on your old kitchen sinks including replace kitchen sink basin & tap.
    installing kitchen sink basin tape

    Water Heater Installation/Repair Service

    • Our service are performed by fully licensed and insured Singapore plumbers. We can repair all the common issues water heaters have, such as leaks, defects or shower floor trap is clogged. Along with general repairs, we offer water heater installation or replacement of your current water heaters if a repair service is not possible.

    Toilet bowl installations and replacements

    • It can fix a wide range of toilet bowl problems such as flushing problems or toilet bowl overflow. Whether you need an toilet bowls installation, replacement, or repair service, SG Plumber Singapore is the number one recommended plumber for your toilet bowl problems.

    Toilet Flush System Repair Service

    • Toilet flush system repair can fix any issues caused by the flush system in your toilet. If your toilet bowl system is not filling up correctly or is continuously overflowing, our toilet flush repair services can help you. In most cases, it is not necessary to completely replace the flush system when a small repair is needed.

    Toilet Bowl Choke Services from Top Plumber Singapore

    • These services are here for you when you have a clog that is not fixable by simple plunging. Although, in some cases, a toilet bowl choke is fixed using a plunger and it's recommended you try that first, in many cases, plumber services are needed to fix the problem safely.

    Clogged Sink/Kitchen Sink Choke

    • These problems can cause your sink to overflow or even flood. When you first notice the signs of a clogged sink, kitchen sink bottle trap  or kitchen floor trap choke that can't be fixed by plunging, it is best to contact SG1 Plumber Singapore to fix your plumbing problem. SG1 is the best plumbing contractor for you.

    Clogged Floor Trap

    • Floor trap choke or drainage pipe is another common plumbing issues. SG1 Plumber Singapore will able to help in clearing floor trap choke and drainage pipe using the latest clearing method without digging or using strong chemical drain cleaner.

    Water Tanks Replacement & Cleaning

    • It is part of our reliable plumbing services as well.

    Roof Leaking

    • Finally, roof leaking repair may not be a spervice you'd expect from a plumber Singapore contractor, but we offer it. We go above and beyond to ensure nothing in your home leaks. SG1 Plumber Singapore service residential and commercial roofs in Singapore.

    Let Us Help You with Your Plumbing Work

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    plumber replace kitchen sink tap

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