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Welcome. SG1 Plumber offers fast and affordable plumbing services in Singapore. Our plumbers are equipped with the tools and skills to provide quality plumbing services. Besides offering the plumbing services, we also provide roof leaking repair, waterproofing services and kitchen sink repair & installation. We have all undergone training and education to get their license to work as a master plumber in Singapore. Anyone can schedule an appointment with our team of plumbers right away.

Plumber Singapore can be found anywhere in the city due to the demand for residences and commercial areas in a highly-urbanised city-state.

According to PUB, water leaks can become problematic if left unchecked because it not only causes damage to furniture and structure, it can also be a health risk if you leave it there. Damages in your plumbing will be expensive when you find out too late about it.

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One of The Most Reliable Plumbing Services in Singapore

Our services cover range of plumbing services around Singapore Area. We can fix any issue with our client’s water system or drainage system. We also provide kitchen sink installation, water heater installation & repair service. Here are our plumbing works in detail.

Pipe Installation

We perform installation services for water pipes and plumbing fixtures for homes and buildings around Singapore.

Plumbing Repair

Water Pipe Leak? Repair and replacement jobs are one of our specialties. We have large supply of plumbing parts in our storage.

Pipe Clearing

We perform clearing of choked up pipes, hoses, manual hoses, and other flow points of your drainage system.

Toilet Repair

We provide comprehensive toilet repair services including toilet bowl replacement, drain toilet, seat adjustment and also fixing the toilet flush problem.

Water Heater

We offer water heater  services for clients in Singapore. Our plumbers are experienced and well-trained in solving your water heater problems.

Roof Leaking Repair

Do you have a roof leaking issue and looking for a repair specialist? We have well-trained and experienced roof repair specialists for you.

Basin Installation/Repair

Whether you are installing a new basin or looking for help repairing your current one, our plumbers can help you and even guide you in choosing the right basin for you. They can also offer their expert perspective if a basin should be repaired or if needs to be replaced.

Kitchen Sink Installation

Kitchen sinks are one of the essential parts of your kitchen. Our plumbers would make sure that the installation of the sink is properly done and with no leaks that can cause damage and molds in the long run. We make sure that every installation is top notched and done within a reasonable amount of time..

Toilet Bowl Choke Clearing

Toilet bowl choking can be such a hassle, but with a quick call to us, it can be fixed in no time. Our plumbers will be there at the soonest time possible and take care of this problem right away.

One of The Most Reliable Plumbing Services in Singapore

In these modern times, you might be tempted to just DIY everything and just follow some instructional videos in the internet. This applies to the plumbing issues too. And you might think that you are saving money and time by just doing it your own, but what you don’t realize is that you might be doing more harm than good.

One thing that professional and expert plumbers ensure is safety. They have trained and have years of experience that are necessary to work. When you DIY the problem, especially big ones, you might risk damaging your home or even worse, injuring yourself.

Another thing to consider is your warranty. Licensed plumbers cover the problem with warranty, so you can get something repaired with spending so much more in case anything went wrong. If you are doing the repairs on your own and something goes wrong, you are on your own, and you have to spend additional expenses.

To avoid all the problems and even complication, it is much better to let the professionals deal with the problem.

Plumber - SG1 Plumbing Services Singapore

Why Choose Us?

Our plumbers are expert, licensed professionals that has years of experience in their belt. They have dealt with almost every plumbing issue, big or small and they can guarantee the best service there is.

We understand that plumbing issues and emergencies are time sensitive, so our plumbers will arrive at the area at the precise time and date as scheduled.

Our services can be obtained for a reasonable price with no hidden or unnecessary fees. Despite our affordable price, we still use the best and latest state of the art equipment and materials to deliver our services with the highest quality.

Testimonial & Review About Singapore Plumber.

 Ryan Chua 


The plumber sent to service our water heater and our toilet that had a clog and was running water helped us out immensely. They even got the remodeling job done for the plumbing in my mom's house. It was as simple as leaving a message to their hotline and the service was scheduled right away. We had an easy time communicating our concerns with SG1 Plumber and their quick response lead to action. My parents didn't need to wait that long to have their problematic plumbing fixed.

 Yi Ling Chan 


Excellent service! I saw a water leaking out, called the plumber, fixed the damage on the pipes, charged me a fair rate for the job they did, and there are no more leaks. The plumber was efficient and clean during and after doing his job which I totally didn't expect. In case my relatives or friends asked for a plumber, will get my vote! Thanks!

Darren Ong 


Got the plumbing service that I needed with SG1 Plumber. Our kitchen drain had been clogged from an incident with my son. The plumber, Lee, got to work immediately and did a really clean job on the pipes. He didn't even charge that much compared to other plumbing services that I tried before. They'll definitely get a call back from me if I ever experience a plumbing incident again.

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Lee Kins
Lee Kins
00:50 19 May 18
The quote they gave me online was the lowest I could find. Despite the low rates, they have not compromised their service. I was happy I hired SG1 plumber to fix my leaking more
Julie Lee
Julie Lee
00:32 01 May 18
Response fast and reasonable price... will recommend to more friends.
Donald Lizotte
Donald Lizotte
09:42 22 May 18
They didn't compromise with the repair and the problematic leaking that I had fixed with them a week ago has not had a problem ever since. I'm happy that I was able to work with a reliable more
Janice Yeoh
Janice Yeoh
00:14 04 Nov 18
Contacted them to help to flush my sink and repair toilet bowl. Jackie is friendly and fixed all the issue within hours.
Beerow Yin
Beerow Yin
14:48 03 Jan 19
Online booking with excellent customer service. I'm happy with this company.
Gordon king
Gordon king
11:48 04 Jan 19
SG1Plumber is truly an expert water plumbing company. I was happy that my friend told me about them. I called them immediately and their quick service prevented a flooding disaster in our home. Their customer-oriented approach is also noteworthy. It was easy to book a service. They prioritized our needs during the service. All are signs of a great professional pluming company. Once they diagnosed the problem, they had a professional team fix it in no time. They were quick to act as well. Arriving at our home within the day to fix the leak. I highly recommend this company if you have plumbing problems in more
glivia lai
glivia lai
10:57 04 Jan 19
My parents house had been suffering from bad plumbing for a long time now. We hire plumbers in the past but none of them really ever fixed the problem. I gave up and thought that this is just a problem for a house that's been operating for so long. But, with SG1 Plumber we know that it wasn't our problem but it was actually picking the right plumber to fix your pipes. We found them on the web and told them about the problem with our leaking pipes. Me and my wife were apprehensive at first because we never knew that there was an online plumber. We quickly found out that they were professional and expert plumbers working for them. Ever since they worked on our pipes, it's been functioning smoothly again. I'm going to call them again if we experience another more
izzah bakhri
izzah bakhri
12:58 03 Jan 19
As an expat, I was very happy that I got a very professional plumbing company. I'm for sure gonna call them again.
nur shafiqa
nur shafiqa
08:35 11 Jan 19
We know the plumbing problems are hard. But, with SG1Plumber, you would think it's easy. The plumbers expertly handle any plumbing job doing quick and smooth work of any problem. I now know who to call when we face a pluming emergencyread more
nithiashini rajasegaran
nithiashini rajasegaran
08:24 11 Jan 19
The plumber assigned to us from SG1Plumber was quick to finish the job. He expertly worked on our pipes and now we have a functioning water system again. Thanks to SG1Plumber!read more
Low YH
Low YH
13:57 10 Jan 19
SG1Plumber answered our call for a quick service. They fixed the problem quickly too. We will recommend this company to our friends for sure!read more
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