Common reasons why a water heater is not working

Water heater has become essential for every household. And when it malfunctions, it can cause a great hassle for everyone. So what causes the water heater not to work? Here are the most common reasons that you should look into.

Built Up Sediments in the Heater

When water heaters are often used and seldom cleaned, sediments can build up inside the tank making it dirty and causing the water heater no not work. It is advised to use water softeners, which removes magnesium and calcium on the water, making it easier for cleaning the water heater every few months.

The issue with the Pilot

The pilot is the one that ignites the burner of the water heater, in a fortunate scenario, all you need to do is switch it on if it was off, but it is already on but still doesn’t heat the water, you might want to look into the cleanliness of the pilot and the burner. If it is dirty, it will become corroded, which causes the burner to stop drawing oxygen to ignite and the water will not heat up.

Gas Control Valve

When the issue is with the gas control valve, it can cut off the supply of gas to the burner, and no heat can be created for the water heater. One way to find out if the issue is with the gas control valve is smelling the water heater; if it gives a foul smell, then the issue might be a leak on the gas line. This is a serious issue that needs professional service immediately as it can put the whole household in danger.

Heating Elements

Typically, there are two heating elements in a water heater. If there is a drop in the temperature on the heater, it probably means that one of the heating elements has burned out, when this happens, we recommend that you immediately call a professional to check on the water heating elements as having the two elements burning out will mean that you will only have cold water available.

Dip Tube

A dip tube is a part of the water heater that converts the cold water to hot water in the bottom of the tank. If a crack is found on this tube, the water would be leaking on other parts of the water heater. This is a very costly issue, and it is advised that you should just purchase a new water heater than to pay for the repair. When choosing for a new water heater, you might want to hire the service of a professional plumber to help you pick the right one for you

Thermostat and other small things

Sometimes, the thermostat, which regulates the intake if gas goes bad. This causes the water heater not to receive any message to heat the water. You might also want to check the valves if there are leaking that can be easily fixed by tightening the said valve.

Repairing a water heater is not cheap, it is much better if you observe proper maintenance and care for the heater. We also advise that at the first sign of malfunction, you should immediately call a professional water heater expert before the problem gets worse.

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