DIY Solutions To The Recurring Plumbing Issues

There is wisdom behind in the saying, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” This is so when it comes to home management. All homeowners consider their homes as an investment. As in all other investment, it will only grow when proper maintenance and regular improvement when necessary. This is most urgent when it comes to proper maintenance of the plumbing system to prevent plumbing issues from recurring that might compromise the whole systems of a home.

Nothing could be more necessary than knowing the fundamentals how to maintain the plumbing system of your home properly. The following are some of the few basic things every homeowner must keep in mind when confronted with persistent plumbing issues:

1. Know Where To Shut Off The Supply Of Cold Water

Water supply can be shut off in a part where the problem is recurring. Don’t turn off the water to the whole house if it is not necessary. Water is as precious as gold when it comes to home management and care.

Turn off the supply of cold water in areas where there are ongoing plumbing works. To do this, look for a valve around the affected fixture. If there is a need to shut off the water to the whole house, then go to the primary valve. But when you cannot find the shut-off valve, use the shut-off valve installed in your water meter.

To save yourself from the hassles of finding these valves when the situation calls for it, have it marked with labels.

2. Stop That Hot Water Heater

A leak in the shower is the most common problems encountered by homeowners. It is best to remind you never to underestimate what the leak in the water heater can do.

In homes where there is a gas water heater, turn it off by putting the control knob to “pilot.” To turn off an electric water heater is easier: just flip the breaker.

Once the water heater is turned, drain the tank where hot water is stored. Let the hot water flow while shutting the supply of cold water. Check if the tank is drained completely.

3. Some Common Plumbing Issues And Suggested Do-It-Yourself Solutions

The Running Water In Your Toilet. Go for the flapper and replace it when it is no longer functioning.

The Sink Water Is Backing Up. Most common cause: clog in the drain. Use a plunger to unclog it. But if this does not work, chances are the clog is in the U-shaped pipe called trap. Simply remove the trap and check for obstruction. Warning: Never use chemicals to unclog your sink. It may cause permanent damage to the pipes. It is unwise to blow the whole house because you are looking for a rat.

The Leaking Pipes. Tighten the fitting that connects the pipes. But if the issue persists call a specialist to do the work.

The Shower Head Is Clogged. The water minerals such as lime or calcium have accumulated in the shower head. Remove the head and clean it.

The Faucet Is Dripping. Replace the worn out rubber washer.

There are plumbing issues in the home where a homeowner can take the matter personally without the help of a plumbing specialist. Remember. However, some issues require professional help. The rule of thumb is to know when to hire the services of a specialist when plumbing issues kept on recurring.

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