How to locate a broken pipe?

Bursts or leaks often happen to water pipes whether it’s in a residential or commercial area. Some countries suffer broken pipes because of the cold temperature. But, Singapore residents find out their pipe is broken due to rust and corrosion on their pipes which makes it vulnerable to bursting when the water pressure rises.

It would be easier to see a broken pipe if it is exposed to the outside world. However, not all structures have exposed pipes especially in commercial lands or apartment buildings. Locating a burst pipe in this kind of structure can be difficult when you don’t know what to do.

Properties with large living spaces can have multiple pipes that run through the entire structure. It becomes important to know which pipes need repairing. Hiring a plumber in Singapore is a quick solution. But, you can also do it yourself.

One sure sign that you have broken pipe is when you check the water meter and you see the reading going fast despite having no faucets turned on. This can increase your water bill because the meter will charge you with a much larger water consumption than what you used for the month.

Water bill is also another sign that you might need to check your water pipes for possible leaks. It becomes particularly obvious when you see your water bill suddenly spike up from the usual amount you’ve been paying for the past months.

Water pressure is also another indicator. A broken pipe would lower the pressure in your home or building because there is a continuous release of water. If the pressure is unusually low, you might have a leaking pipe.

Once you notice any of these signs it is best that you turn of the water valve that controls the water coming in. This keeps the water from flowing out and leaking which stops the meter from running and you don’t waste any more water.

Experienced plumbers in SG1Plumber in Singapore can help you. They’re trained professionals who specialize in water leaks. The rates are very affordable as well and the quality work makes their service high in value for money.

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