Nature And Park Reserves in Singapore Botanical Garden

The Singapore Botanical Garden is known for its sophisticated attraction for both traveler and residents. The garden itself is made with an array of horticultural and different botanical attractions. Its history is rich in a wonderful collection of plants that come in various species. To complement the uniqueness of the garden and resources, it became an entertainment in providing an educational tour to visitors. Learning about the number of botanical herbs and flowers develops an advantage for anyone who is interested. This garden is said to be one of the most visited places in Singapore.

Taking back to its history, the garden was first set up by Sir Stamford Raffles. He is known to be a naturalist and the founder of Singapore. He was also the first one to introduce cultivated economic crops. During 1829 to 1859, it was believed that a new garden was developed together with the horticultural society and later was handed over to the government.

The evolution of the botanical garden

The botanical garden in Singapore started as an ornamental garden that goes along the road and terraces. Its landscape is unique and beautiful. Aside from the garden, you will also experience its mini zoo area. All of these had evolved together that leads 82 hectares of equatorial botanical garden. In the garden, you will see the major crops of the world such as orchids and rubber.

Singapore Botanic Garden as a world heritage

Since the botanical garden is made at its finest, Singapore had a formal consent to the World Heritage Convention in June 2012. As the months move further to December on the same year, they had submitted to the UNESCO to inform that the interest of showing the botanical garden would be of great benefit to many people all over the world.

The concept of the botanical garden

The garden was developed according to three major core concepts. This three core concept focuses on Tanglin which is said to be the heritage in retaining the old charms and at the same time its favorites, the tourist belt of the garden, Bukit Timah, economical and educational zone.

Each of its cores represents an array of beautiful attractions which makes it indeed very exciting. It is advised for visitors to ensure their time of visit to bask in the ambiance truly. These wonderful sights make everything worth your while together with its luscious herbal greenery.

Things that you need to do while in the Singapore botanical garden

Walking at the trails of the garden- there are so many things for you to explore and your guide is the trails of the garden.

A tour guide walks- it’s more exciting if there is someone to guide you on your vacation and tour.

Special events that you might find it interesting such as the black line exhibition, how to grow a tropical garden in your home and for beginners. These events are important if you wish to have a botanical garden.

In conclusion, Singapore botanical garden provides a good place for you to learn and share great moments with your loved ones. We also just had a small team building here.

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