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A Brief Introduction To Clarke Quay In Singapore

Known as The Lion City, Singapore buzzes with excitement and comes to life when the sun goes down as each night is a celebration. It is most famous for its nightlife with parties, clubs and live concerts keeping the crowds moving from one venue to another in search of fun that never dies down. Dancers and partygoers love this beautiful city that is brightly lit up every night with different colored lights to welcome visitors and locals to its many bars, clubs, and restaurants. Here are more info from our team.

Clarke Quay is situated on the bay side on the Singapore River where the best clubs in Singapore like Attica, Zouk, and Canvas can be found. This riverside development of old refurbished warehouses, consisting mostly of bars and restaurants, is spread over five blocks of roughly 292,000 sq. ft. Most venues are clustered in Block C, bounded by Clarke St, Read St, and River Valley Rd. The one hundred-seater Butchers Club Burger from Hong Kong is in Block A as well as the premium Faigo Hotpot outlet from China.

Each exclusive venue is strongly themed and seems to have gone to great lengths to be branded differently from all the other establishments operating in Clarke Quay. This is where crowds can hop furiously from one themed bar to the next, all under one roof, without coming across one kooky little place with no theme.

UK visitors may liken it to the modern Croyden High Street back home, while Australians may find it feels a little like Singapore’s Bondi. Judging from the huge crowds that flock to Clarke Quay and Boat Quay on weekends, it is as popular if not more so. The overhead roof is a huge plastic construction that looks a bit like an enormous jellyfish, with massive fans and fountains along the way to keep the crowds cool while they are moving between venues.


One of the most popular clubs in Singapore that has also gained tremendous international recognition is Zouk at Clarke Quay. Zouk is world famous among young dancers who enjoy house music and consider it ‘the’ place to be. Every weekend Zouk is filled to capacity with young folks who follow different music styles and the club has established ‘sister’ discos that play different kinds of music genres.

Older folks enjoy going to Velvet Underground where they can listen and dance to garage and soul music. Many internationally famous DJs like Steve Aoki and David Guetta have performed at Zouk which adds to its irresistible attraction among disco dancers. On Wednesdays, Zouk offers free entry for women and is very popular among the young girls who like to let their hair down with their girlfriends. The club also has a Mambo Jambo night when they play the popular hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The Prive Clarke Quay is the 4th restaurant to be opened by the Prive Group with a 300-seater eatery that faces the center fountain in Clarke Quay and serves on-the-go food all day.

Clarke Quay is managed and owned by CapitaLand Mall Asia and according to the Center Manager, almost one million people come here every month to experience the food and entertainment offered by the best quality restaurants, clubs, and bars in Singapore.

An overview of National Gallery.

An Overview Of The National Gallery Singapore

If you will be in Singapore soon, or if you currently live there, you may want to consider stopping by the National Gallery Singapore. This is located close to Singapore River, within the Downtown Core which is not too far from our office. This has only recently opened, starting back in November 2015. It has southeast Asian art, forming the largest public collection of artwork in Asia. There are over 8000 different items that are on display. You can see many of these items on your first visit. Here is an overview of what you can do which will include tours, exploring the different areas where they have art, a place that your children will definitely enjoy.

The History Of National Gallery Singapore

The development of this location has gone through many stages. He was initially supposed to be a global city that would specifically show artwork. It took many decades to finally come up with a final plan of action. This led to its development at its current location. Built in the previous City Hall building,
it has now been revamped into an exquisite place where people can learn about Asian art from Singapore.

What Type Of Art Is There?

The artwork that is available will include many different styles including sculptures, paintings, and drawings. Some of them are sketched in black-and-white, whereas others will be a mixture of very bright 10 definitive colors. They also have exhibitions that can change from time to time. They will have a list of what is currently showing on their website. You can see our work that was created back in the 19 century, and from many different eras.

What Can Kids Do While They Are There?

Kids are going to have a great time because there are specific areas that are designed just for them. They have a section called stories and art, one that is open every other weekend. There is also another section called Art Explorers, a place where kids can start to gain some perspective on how art is created. You can also do workshops with your kids, and also see the Keppel Centre for Art Education.

Why Should Schools Visit This Location?

School should consider visiting this location because it provides students with many different aspects of creative and visual art. There are tours, each lasting about one hour. Kids are able to learn about art research, discuss visual observations, and interpretation of different skills used to create the artwork that is presented. There are also studio workshops, and many other activities that are recommended for kids of all ages.

The National Gallery Singapore is a location that you should visit. It’s a wonderful place for adults and kids. Whether you are bringing your family, children, or if you are bringing students to this destination, everyone will be exposed to some of the best artwork in Asia. You can call to find out what new exhibits are now the on display and plan a field trip. There is always something to discover and learn at this wonderful location called the National Gallery Singapore.

The attractions at The Gardens by the Bay.

Attractions at The Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

In Merlion, Singapore lies beautiful gardens by the bay where you will see a vast, culturally rich island city and a thriving economic growth. Singapore is a popular country of advanced technology regarding amazing tourist spots. You are not only enjoying basking in the city and all its wonders, but you will also witness the vibrancy of the country. To ensure that the country will remain its majestic tourism, the government has coordinated and collaborated with the finest architects and various landscape artists to develop the gardens by the bay. It is about 30 mins drive from our company.

Gardens by the bay in Singapore

Obviously, the name speaks for itself, and it is expected of you to encounter thousands of different plant species truly. The gardens by the bay were created in an attempt in making Singapore as a “city garden.”

Very stunning locations that will surely make you want to stay and just be in one with nature. There are showcases of plants in the tropical highlands known as the Cloud Forest. It features with a mountain that’s covered a horizon of vegetation, and it is also shrouded with the tallest indoor waterfall in the entire world. Get the opportunity to explore its geology and biodiversity that’s indeed one of a kind. Enjoy walking in the environment of plants and learn new things as well.

Gardens by the bay in Singapore unravels its uniqueness as you discover the vertical sights of the garden which is designed with canopies that provides shelter from the sun. During night time, you will see that things are different too because it’s livelier and even stunning compared to the daytime tour.

Knowing that Singapore is a humid country, you don’t have to worry about the walking in the Flower dome area as this has a controlled temperature. Everything is beautifully set for visitors to enjoy. Now is the time for you to think about visiting the gardens by the bay, here are the following reasons.

Best gardens you will ever see- it is indeed one of a kind garden that you shouldn’t missed out. It is this type of place where the experience between nature and technology is outstanding.

Extra magical- a great place to spend a romantic evening with your loved one or perhaps a place to be engagement with your special someone. What makes the place so alluring because you will see how your day will turn into something you will never forget?

Community bonding- any time of the day, there are hundreds to thousands of people walking in and out in the gardens by the bay. Surely, you will find people that you might get bonded with or have the perfect place to meet people.

Therefore, if you consider gardens by the bay in Singapore the experience will be fascinating and memories that you will keep. Traveling to Singapore and witness its beautiful and scenic spots that you don’t want to miss out.

Visit Fort Siloso today!

Facts About Fort Siloso in Singapore

The region where Fort Siloso in Singapore is found is said to be the last of the coastal gun battery in the country. It is located on the Sentosa Island and was originally known as the Pulau Blakang Mati. The trading system of the country boomed during the late 1800’s, but it needs to be protected as it is mostly attacked by incomers. This is why, in the year 1878, Fort Siloso was constructed and had displayed guns, searchlights, anti-torpedo boat guns and an operational tower to guard the area.

In the time of World War II, it was certain that if attacking Singapore beginning from the south might be dreadful because it was armed heavily with guns including the Forts just along the coast of the south. There was also British and Singaporean Artillery. However, by the time Japanese people came to invade the country, it ends up the Singaporeans unprotected because the attacker came from the north region where they have left it unsealed with weapons.

The height of the war event, Fort Silos became a prison war camp by the Japanese. Three years later, the Japanese troops were forced by the Allied forces to surrender, and in return, most of them were imprisoned in Fort Siloso. As the years passed by, Fort Siloso was reconstructed, and materials were also re-equipped with other Southeast Asians. In 1956, declared to release the guns and other armoires were disbanded, removed and sold.

Moving forward to 1974, this was the time where Fort Silos was converted into a walk-in museum. There were remaining guns and was preserved in benefit of the tour. The upgrading and its restoration remained with the history of the place. Fort Siloso is known to have one of the most extensive memorabilia collections from the time of World War II in Singapore.

Having to relive the history of Fort Siloso is educational which is why they have provided services such as touring the tunnels. It also includes getting to know its structures and the mounted guns displayed in the areas. There is an interactive documentation which is provided for the visitors to learn more about the historical events of the place. There are short films for the audience to appreciate how the soldiers at that time spent their lives in the Fort.

The “six-inch gun” is very historical and meaningful for the Singaporeans as during the war it boomed for their people to use it. At this point, the guns including the 6′ inch gun are now displayed, and it also comes with photographs. All of the events that happened during the War is meaningful and often, leaves you with an overwhelming response as you visit the Fort Siloso.

The region of Fort Siloso remains to be an important memorabilia, and it has a huge significance as means of the military heritage site. As you visit the momentous place of Fort Siloso gives you the opportunity to know more about the military formation and history of Singapore. Contact us if you want to know more.

Guide to Universal Studio Singapore.

Guide To The Universal Studios Singapore For Beginners

Going to the Universal Studio is always a dream for almost everybody. Perhaps, you’re reminiscing now how you truly want to travel to Universal Studios in Singapore. The best part is that dreams do come true and as you got the ticket fare. How exciting is that? For sure you’re excited. The only problem is that you don’t know where you should start in planning your trip. It is best that you begin doing your task by researching possibilities that you can do in Singapore. SG1Plumber just had a small team gathering here.

Mind you; Universal Studio is not the only place that you can ever visit. There are tons more of places which you will also find it interesting. So, therefore, it is important that you consider planning your trip in a detailed and scheduled manner for you to fully enjoy a great vacation.

If you are a first timer in traveling to Universal Studios, Singapore you need to know few tips and ideas before traveling. Here are the following.

Before the trip

It is important that you know how much are the tickets and where should you be buying them. Nowadays, you can look for any discounts that you can avail via online. Know your budget so that you can save more money.

Planning for the day of visitation is essential. Of course, this is a goal that you have wanted to achieve in life. Set a date as to when you’re going to travel to Singapore.

How are you going to the Universal Studios? For your information, the Universal Studio in Singapore is part of the Resort World Sentosa.

Singapore might sound like they have a cold weather but keep in mind that it is part of Southeast Asia, so it is expected that its weather is hot. Wear comfortable and convenient clothing while you’re in the country.

Tips for availing queues

As much as possible come early to Universal Studio

Check the board and plan your trip

Get a fast express lane

Highly recommendations

If you want to experience Universal Studios truly, Singapore it would be best to have a tour guide to help you get oriented with the places. Its advantage is that you will also have more ideas as to which areas are suitable for you to visit.

Multiple rides for people who want to seek excitement and thrill

Are you on the go for rides and other fun-filled activities in the Universal Studio? If you’re up for this game, except for rides that safer and suitable for you. If you opt to look for a kids rides, there are as well plenty of options for you to choose just make sure that your child is truly going to enjoy and have fun as well.

Lastly, going to a Universal Studios in Singapore wouldn’t be a complete trip if you have not met and greet any of the Walt Disney characters and another cartoon that’s presented under the Universal Studios.

Now that you have the tips and ideas as to how you’re going to settle everything, the next step is to wait for the special day.

Feel the nature in Singapore Botanical Garden.

Nature And Park Reserves in Singapore Botanical Garden

The Singapore Botanical Garden is known for its sophisticated attraction for both traveler and residents. The garden itself is made with an array of horticultural and different botanical attractions. Its history is rich in a wonderful collection of plants that come in various species. To complement the uniqueness of the garden and resources, it became an entertainment in providing an educational tour to visitors. Learning about the number of botanical herbs and flowers develops an advantage for anyone who is interested. This garden is said to be one of the most visited places in Singapore.

Taking back to its history, the garden was first set up by Sir Stamford Raffles. He is known to be a naturalist and the founder of Singapore. He was also the first one to introduce cultivated economic crops. During 1829 to 1859, it was believed that a new garden was developed together with the horticultural society and later was handed over to the government.

The evolution of the botanical garden

The botanical garden in Singapore started as an ornamental garden that goes along the road and terraces. Its landscape is unique and beautiful. Aside from the garden, you will also experience its mini zoo area. All of these had evolved together that leads 82 hectares of equatorial botanical garden. In the garden, you will see the major crops of the world such as orchids and rubber.

Singapore Botanic Garden as a world heritage

Since the botanical garden is made at its finest, Singapore had a formal consent to the World Heritage Convention in June 2012. As the months move further to December on the same year, they had submitted to the UNESCO to inform that the interest of showing the botanical garden would be of great benefit to many people all over the world.

The concept of the botanical garden

The garden was developed according to three major core concepts. This three core concept focuses on Tanglin which is said to be the heritage in retaining the old charms and at the same time its favorites, the tourist belt of the garden, Bukit Timah, economical and educational zone.

Each of its cores represents an array of beautiful attractions which makes it indeed very exciting. It is advised for visitors to ensure their time of visit to bask in the ambiance truly. These wonderful sights make everything worth your while together with its luscious herbal greenery.

Things that you need to do while in the Singapore botanical garden

Walking at the trails of the garden- there are so many things for you to explore and your guide is the trails of the garden.

A tour guide walks- it’s more exciting if there is someone to guide you on your vacation and tour.

Special events that you might find it interesting such as the black line exhibition, how to grow a tropical garden in your home and for beginners. These events are important if you wish to have a botanical garden.

In conclusion, Singapore botanical garden provides a good place for you to learn and share great moments with your loved ones. We also just had a small team building here.

Explore the Night Safari. 


Night Safari, Singapore Review

Going out late at night in the city streets of Singapore is said to be livelier and more ambient. If you are don’t want to be exposed so much in the sun, perhaps, planning for a date night with your family or friends will make the experience filled with excitement and fun. Although there’s nothing wrong enjoying Singapore during the day but there are many things for you to encounter. One of our technicians just visited this place. Here is the detail.

When it comes to tourist spots, certainly there are quite a few places for you to choose. Of course, a part of your planning should also include a night out. For instance, have you ever heard of the Night Safari in Singapore? Isn’t it thrilling to see how these animals would behave during night time compared to seeing them on a day time? Hanging out in a nocturnal zoo is unique, and you will also learn new things as well.

The Night Safari Zoo

Did you know that the Night Safari is the world’s first ever made zoo that only opens at night time? According to travel enthusiasts, this is the most visited and popular attractions in Singapore. What’s so interesting about the nocturnal zoo is that you can explore the seven geographical zones via walking on foot or you can use a tram.

The zoo was constructed more than a decade ago by Dr. Ong Swee Law and had spent a construction fee of about $63million. Its lot occupies 86 acres (35 hectares) which also includes a secondary type of rainforest that is mainly adjacent to the zoo. More so, it houses 2,500 different kinds of nocturnal species including the threatened animals. It is managed by the Night Safari Wildlife Reserves Singapore, and it has 1 million-plus visitors each year.

What kind of species should you be expecting in the night zoo?

The animals in the Night Safari range from Indian rhinoceros, pangolins, tarsier and Asian elephants. Keep in mind that these animals are very active in the night time and using lighting is customized so as not to make it bright to avoid visual disturbances. As you walk around the seven geographical zones, you will experience its naturalistic and native habitat within the location.

Most of the animals are not caged but are separated according to its species. The entire concept of the zoo is mainly an open space for the animals to feel comfortable and its environment wouldn’t cause them by any means of stress. The division is made out of grille-like metal sheets to avoid animals from moving around to another habitat. To keep the human beings safe from these wild animals, hot wires that look like twigs are also designed to ensure that it doesn’t cross the boundaries.

Cultural Shows and Events

Aside from the variation of animals that you’re going to see, you will also experience few of its cultural show as an event for people to enjoy. There are as well, food and beverages available in the zoo.

The Wonderful Sanctuary Of Jurong Bird Park

The Wonderful Sanctuary Of Jurong Bird Park

Singapore’s beautiful ecosystem consists of nature’s best breeds of birds. You will see various species that most of the people in the country are preserving its wildlife and habitat. One of the visited bird parks in the country is known as the Jurong Bird Park. According to its latest updates, a new species had been adopted which includes the Spix’s Macaw which is now endangered. These types of species do only have 150 of birds alive today. Here some sharing from SG1 Plumber.

Raising the Wildlife Awareness

There are instances wherein birds that are near extinction are on display in the park to provide information and awareness to the people. This is one way to help save the birds that are slowly swept away by Mankind’s greediness. Recently, there have been two birds that were saved and are as well kept company by other Spix Macaw birds.

Jurong Bird Park

This is a bird’s sanctuary, and it is also one of the tourist spots known in Singapore. This is greatly managed by the Singaporean Wildlife Reserves to ensure that the birds are kept safe and secured. The idea was formulated by Dr. Goh Keng Swee together with the Minister of France in the year 1968. The idea was mainly gathered at a zoology garden in Rio de Janeiro and had thought about setting a place for Singaporeans to have an escape from the urban way of life in a place that is in the form of nature to relax.

In these present times, the Jurong Bird Park is said to be the world’s famous bird zoo park. It has kept species of different kinds which will surely make you in awe by the time you’re going to travel to Singapore and visit the bird park. On January 1971, the bird park construction cost $3.5million and was later on opened to the general public. Imagine, there are 5,000 birds present in the bird park with 400 different species and 29% of which are threatened bird species.

Aviary Exhibits

The Jurong Park covers an area of about 49 acres 0.2 square kilometers. So, this means, there are specifications of birds that are clustered and exhibited. You will see the different areas of aviary exhibits. Here are the following.

Waterfall African Aviary- this is the second major walk-in aviary that is found in the world. It covers 2 hectares that include 600 flying birds of more than 40 to 50 species.

The Dinosaur descendants- fascinating as it would be but you will see these types of birds that look like a dinosaur’s evolution such as the ostrich, rheas, emus, and cassowaries.

The Wings of Asia- these comprise of the largest collections of Southeast Asian birds that have over 200 species found.

World of Darkness- this features the world’s nocturnal birds such as the snowy owls, fish owls, night herons and boobook owls.

Special Events

There are as well events that you can encounter while you are in the Jurong Bird Park such as the high flyers show and lunch with the parrots.

If you’re planning to learn more about the different thousands of species, having to visit the park can’t be missed out in getting to know another family of birds that you have never thought would exist in the world.

Visiting Haw Par Villa Singapore.

Things You Need To Know Before Going To A Science Centre In Singapore

Are you planning to spend a vacation in Singapore in the next couple of months? Indeed, you have made a good option in choosing Singapore as one of your tours in Asia. Whether you want to enjoy the tourist spots, you can’t miss out going home without learning something new. Travelling with your children promises an experience that they will never forget while you are having fun. While you’re spending time with your children, would it be best to hang out in a place where learning is fun? Our staff often bring our kids to this place too.

Science Centre in Singapore

Considering a Science Centre, this promotes understanding to technological and scientific education that is provided for the general public. This is located at the Jurong, East Singapore in a scientific institution. It displays about 850 different exhibits that have been spread all over the eight galleries. Its popularity grows which results in over a million visitors a year.

The history takes place in a National Museum of Singapore where it eventually separated the institution into two parts which are the artistic and its historical collections. During 1969, the concept of the setup was first suggested by the Singaporean Science Council and was approved subsequently by their government. The purpose of the Science Centre was to promote educational learning as it taps with technology and modern rising of the economy.

What benefits can you gain from the Science Centre?

Going with your children or if there happened to be a school educational tour, take this as an opportunity to enhance their knowledge in the field of Science and Technology. Also, if you are traveling by yourself in Singapore let this be a chance for you to get to know more about how Science has melded them into becoming a better country. Mind you there are thousands of exhibition displays which require interacting and a hands-on activity as well.

Perhaps, a one-time visit wouldn’t be enough so you’ll have to think about the number of days that you’re going to visit the Science Centre. Of course, a day is enough to learn but pretty sure; you will end up wanting more. Take time to explore.

The Science Centre comprises of creativity and innovation that involves its science evolution and development through the exhibitions. This is why it continues to ignite and foster the mind of the younger generation to appreciate the rising of the Singaporean culture. An example of the exhibition such as the Bioethics Exhibition, Waterworks exhibition, Eco garden and Kinetic Garden.

Science Centre Singapore provides new learning by introducing updates about any science activities. There are also programs that people can take advantage of science fair events and competition for your child to fully participate.

Bottom line

Extra educational activities aside from being in school helps gather new and fun learning in the Science Centre Singapore. It is guaranteed that you and your child will not go home empty-handed without knowing anything about science and technology information.

Visit Har Par Villa in Singapore.

Visiting Haw Par Villa Singapore| Theme Park

Theme parks are places where it’s great to hangout with friends or family. This is more likely enjoyable to children and even the child-like individuals. If you’re planning to spend a good time perhaps celebrating your birthday or a vacation with your loved ones, going to Haw Par Villa Singapore is the best option. However, Haw Par Villa is not your ordinary theme park and as you embark this kind of journey in your life will surely be an unforgettable experience. Here is some info from our contractors.

Haw Par Villa Theme Park

The concept of this park is derived from Chinese mythology and folklore. This was built in the year 1937 and it is also famous for its gruesome Chinese tales such as the scenes from Madame White Snake and Journey to the West. There are about a thousand of colourful statues that are displayed in the park like the deity heads and the giant gorilla.

In another worldly experience, Haw Par Villa is named after the brother’s Burma-born Aw who said to be the ones that created the Tiger Balm ointment. The ointment was made for a younger brother named as Boon Par. This area also had a zoo, and the grounds were opened to the public. However, when the World War II broke out, the house was left by the brothers and fled overseas. Then the Japanese people took over the place.

The Revival of the Haw Par Villa

As soon as the war was over, Aw Cheng Chye, son of Boon Par continued the activities of the park and took advantage in beautifying the park. During the year 1970’s to 80’s, the park became a day of excursion or visited mostly by students during an educational tour. The year 1985, the council of the Singaporean tourism board gave the park a renovation and able to make it more meaningful.

In 2014, there were empty spaces in the park that has been maximized by three women under the curatorial platform spaces where they built four different exhibitions. These women are mostly artist named Elizabeth Gan, Chun Kai Qun and Chun Kaifeng. They’re first ever exhibition was named as the Nameless forms. The art exhibition featured the works of the Chun twins and along with other artists.

What will you be expecting in Haw Par Villa?

Keep in mind that Haw Par Villa is not your typical type of theme park where you can bring children to play around. Of course, you don’t want your child to have nightmares after reliving the stories of the gruesome and bizarre park. As mentioned, there are a thousand statues that look queer and peculiar. All of these have its background story where it will surely give you Goosebumps as you listen to the tour guide.

Haw Par Villa in Singapore is a place of wonders where each have its own stories to tell. Although it’s found to be scary for children but you will also learn the history behind the park.

Explore in Clarke Quay in Singapore.